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  • These Contemporary floor registers have a durable 3mm thick steel core.
  • The Contemporary register covers are plated or have a powder coated (black register) finish. Plated register vents have a protective lacquer coating.
  • All Contemporary registers come with an adjustable metal damper. If desired, the metal damper can be removed.
  • Your customers will be able to turn the 2" and 4" wide register covers into sidewall vent covers by using wall clips. (Remember to add wall clips to your purchase order.)
  • Only the 6" wide floor registers have knockout screw holes for ceiling or sidewall vent installation. No wall clips needed.
  • Sizes given below are the actual hole size needed for floor or sidewall vent cover to be inserted into. Actual faceplate will be larger.
  • Your customers will appreciate the simple drop-in-style installation.

Available Sizes:
2 x 10   4 x 10   6 x 10
2 x 12   4 x 12   6 x 12
2 x 14   4 x 14   6 x 14

Available Finishes:

Antique Brass
Contemporary Antique Brass Registers

Satin Nickel
Contemporary Brushed Nickel Registers

Contemporary Brass Registers

Oil Rubbed Bronze
Contemporary Oil Rubbed Bronze Registers

Contemporary Copper Registers

Flat Black
Contemporary Flat Black Registers

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Floor Registers

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