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Wholesale-Registers.com is excited to work with you to bring the best floor registers possible to your customers. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding Dealer Terms and Conditions.

Be sure to check out Dealer FAQs.

Dealer Terms and Conditions:

  • Prices subject to change
  • No minimum order required
  • More information on pricing, returns, and other terms can be found in our Company Catalog (for retailers only).


Wholesale-Registers.com tangible products are guaranteed to be defective free in workmanship and raw materials when operated under normal conditions of usage. Products must be installed and maintained using stipulations and instructions provided by our company. Wholesale-Regsiters.com will not be liable for damages in excess of the purchase price of the product.


All orders will be shipped from Southwest Wisconsin using FedEx or UPS.
More information on shipping pricing can be found in our company catalog (for retailers only).

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